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Welcome to East Tipp Middle School

East Tipp Middle School is located in the northeast corner of Tippecanoe County. The school is home to about 500 students in grades six through eight. Twenty-five percent of the students participate in the gifted and talented program. The professional staff consists of 24 part- and full-time teachers, one counselor, one administrator and three paraprofessionals.

Educational Program

Tippecanoe School Corporation offers many programs necessary for meeting the educational needs of the students. Tippecanoe School Corporation belongs to Greater Lafayette Area Special Services (GLASS) cooperative, through which it receives a variety of services for students with special needs.

A gifted/talented program spans K-12 and offers challenging and enriching opportunities for identified students. These programs include pullout enrichment, elementary self-contained, middle school enrichment, and middle and high school advanced placement and honors courses.

Alternative academies exist for middle and high school students requiring an educational environment different from the traditional school environment. Tippecanoe School Corporation also collaborates with the county judicial system with the staffing and operation of an alternative education setting for court-ordered students.

The ELL population has been steadily growing in the last few years in the Tippecanoe School Corporation. ELL students at East Tipp Middle School are scheduled in small groups, with a strong focus on classroom support such as assisting with tests, classroom assignments, clarifying instructions, and editing written work. Rosetta Stone software is generally used to supplement instruction in oral basic English skills and acquisition of vocabulary.

East Tipp Middle School operates on a seven-period schedule. All students are part of an academic team with a core group of four teachers, including instructors of math, English, social studies, and science. All students explore music, art, family and consumer sciences, wellness (integrated physical education and health), and industrial technology over the course of their middle school careers. Students have the opportunity for a full year of elective band or choir.


Students in grades three through ten in the Tippecanoe School Corporation participate in the Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress (ISTEP+) in March and April.

English Language Learners are assessed through Language Assessment Scales (LAS). This assessment is given to students for whom English is not the primary language spoken in the home. This is to assess reading, writing, and oral language proficiency.

TSC middle school students participate in NWEA Testing in mathematics and language arts at all three grade levels in September, January, and May. All district middle school courses administer a shared assessment at the end of each quarter.

Technology as a learning tool

The teaching staff of East Tipp Middle School was informally surveyed in 2015 in order to discover perceived strengths in the technology sector of student learning and teacher presentation and management. The top reported strengths from the survey were the convenience of student tablet computers, the presence of Eno Boards, and the great many software programs available to students and teachers on the school network. Collaboration among staff in learning and troubleshooting new software was also frequently reported as a strength on the survey.

The top area for development is the school’s use of student Chromebooks with Canvas as a learning management system, begun in August 2015. This pairing presents a wealth of opportunity for new classroom experiences and organization, there is a great deal of work to be done by staff and students to fully take advantage of the opportunity.

Parent participation in the school

East Tipp Middle School provides parent-teacher conference days during each semester. Parent conferences are also conducted as needed during grade-level team meetings; these conferences may be initiated by teachers or parents. Individual teachers and teacher teams also make regular contact to parents if needs arise regarding academic or discipline issues. Parents are informed of school activities through the school newsletter and the school web page.

The Tippecanoe School Corporation continues the use of PowerSchool, our gradereporting program. The site allows parents to log in to the system for updates on their children’s grades as well as other information like attendance, discipline notices, and so on.

The district has also continues a partnership with PinWheel, an online service for parents, students, and teachers to be notified about scheduled or emergency school events by email or text message.

The Parent-Teacher Organization and Booster Club support school academic and athletic programs in many ways. Parents are also welcomed to the school as volunteer clerical aides, field trip and school dance chaperones, speech meet judges, athletic event workers, participants in math contests, and concert facilitators. Parents and other members of the community are involved in the school as Career Day, Junior Achievement, and general classroom speakers.

Finally, the school counselor shares via monthly school newsletters various techniques that parents can use to effectively participate in their child’s education while at home.

Conclusions about current educational programming

  • Alignment of Curriculum and Instruction with Indiana Academic Standards 2014

  • Analysis of Student Achievement on the ISTEP+
  • Technology as a Learning Tool
  • Safe and Disciplined Learning Environment
  • Parental Participation in the School
  • Professional Development

Detailed information is contained in the school improvement plan.

Professional development

Professional development activities have been selected to support student achievement objectives. Although supplementary topics will be covered in daily IIB time as well, the professional staff will undergo focused development in each of the following four main areas: academic instruction, teaching special populations, school climate, and technology.

  • Computational skills across all disciplines
  • Managing a remediation program
  • Maintaining a safe and disciplined school environment
  • Teaching and learning with Chromebooks and Canvas
  • Language conventions across all disciplines
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Cultivating a cohesive student body
  • The virtual classroom
  • Results and implications from recent standardized testing
  • Response to intervention
  • Parent involvement
  • Instruction and management with Microsoft Excel

Student achievement objectives

Attendance Rate

East Tipp Middle School will increase the current rate of attendance.

Percentage of Students Meeting Academic Standards on the ISTEP+

    • East Tipp Middle School will increase the percentage of students meeting or exceeding mastery level on the language arts portion of the ISTEP+ exam.
    • East Tipp Middle School will increase the percentage of students meeting or exceeding mastery level on the mathematics portion of the ISTEP+ exam.

Specific Areas where Improvement is Needed Immediately

    • Mastery in Language Conventions
    • Mastery in Computation

Benchmarks for Progress

East Tipp Middle School will increase the percentage of students meeting or exceeding mastery level on the language arts and mathematics portions of the ISTEP+ by 3% from sixth grade to eighth grade testing. Interim progress toward mastery will be determined through the results from seventh-grade ISTEP+ testing as well as formal and informal Acuity testing at various points of each year. Classroom assessments will also provide interim evaluative data.

East Tipp Middle School will increase the school attendance rate by a combined 1% over the next three years. Interim progress toward this goal will be determined through in-house measures.

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