Tippecanoe School Corporation
a Note from the Seventh-Grade Team
the Seventh-Grade Team


As always, everyone is excited for the last day of school. The seventh grade team has something special planned for this day: 7FEST! The teachers have organized a system to give seventh graders the choice of how they would like to spend their last day together. Students were emailed a list of activities to choose from on May 6, and they are busy planning out their own last day. 

In addition to the bounce houses provided by the school, seventh graders are allowed to pick activities from the following list: Mr. Hobaugh will be hosting outdoor yard games, Mr. Hofmann will host a video game lounge, Mr. Margraf will be hosting a trivia game, Mr. Skinner will be playing Uno, Mr. Smith will be showing movies in the multipurpose room (Spiderman / Jungle Cruise), Ms. Ulrich will be playing kickball, Mrs. Ware will have a building challenge going on in the shop, and Mrs. Wing will host a room for people to hang out and socialize. 

We’ve enjoyed teaching your children this year, and we wish them the very best of luck in the future!