Tippecanoe School Corporation
Calendar Check for the Holiday Season
the seventh-grade team

When the holiday season arrives, things start to get busy for everyone. Parents plan trips and holiday gatherings, families visit relatives, and sometimes students end up missing school. If you have such plans, it’s helpful to keep in mind the following events on East Tipp’s calendar.

  The week of 11/27 is NWEA week. Students will spend the first two hours of that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in testing. If a student misses school any of those days, he or she will have two hours of testing to make up on top of the regular classwork. Please avoid absences on these days, if at all possible.

  During the week of 12/11, all classes will be preparing for their upcoming final exams. Many of our teachers will be giving cumulative exams covering material from the first semester. If at all possible, it would be good to keep your children in school that week.

  Finally, finals begin with English and P.E. – they will go first on Thursday, December 14. That Friday, December 15, science and specials will give their exams. When students return on Monday, 12/18, math and music will be giving final exams. Tuesday, December 19, marks the end of exam season with social studies and health.

  Exams can be made up on Wednesday, December 20 if a student is absent unexpectedly. However, if you have a planned absence for an early vacation, it is always best for a student to take exams early before leaving on vacation.

  Contact the office, please, if you have any questions. We want to work with you to make your child’s education as successful as possible.