Tippecanoe School Corporation
ETMS Maker Space in the STEAM Lab
Tom Rice


The STEAM Lab at East Tipp offers up-to-date tools and equipment such as Lutzbot Taz 6 3D printers, Cricut Makers, Lego EV3 robots, drones, as well as many traditional power and hand tools. We also have a vast collection of Legos for students to build their very own creations. The lab is open almost every day of the week before and after school, so every sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade student can work on current school projects or just create their own works of art.

The Maker Space is also an after-school club that meets twice monthly. During the club, we often have structured themes centered around the engineering design process. Some of our themes have been designing a roller coaster, examining the science behind ice cream (yes, we made and ate some!), as well as designing a manufacturing assembly line building with Lego. Students have the option of working alone or in a group. We sometimes have friendly competitions just to add a little more fun and excitement. If you are looking for something fun and creative to do after school with a little less commitment, then ETMS Maker Space is for you. Look for more details and specific times on the school announcements or outside Mrs. Ware’s room (B8).