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Tippecanoe School Corporation
Finishing Remotely

 Remote learning is underway at East Tipp; students, staff, and families are working together to iron out the wrinkles and continue the academic growth of all students.  With the Governor's news of April 2, however, we now must plan to not only continue our year remotely, but close it in May remotely as well.  

  In regard to this development, a bank of frequently-asked questions and their answers will be maintained here; information about our remote plans for Pennies for Patients, Awards Day, math contests, and other school projects and activities can be found here.  Both informational sites will continue to grow as our plans develop.

  Although it's disappointing to be ending our year remotely, we are in no way giving up on providing the academic, extracurricular, and relational experiences that make our school what it is.  As always, our staff is looking forward to any opportunities we can get to work with these great kids.