Tippecanoe School Corporation
NAMI at East Tipp!
the Sixth-Grade Team

Sixth grade Physical Education classes were recently able to listen to first hand experiences, examples, and stories about mental health and mental health illnesses.  The NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Health) Organization of Indiana came in to present to our students about Ending the Silence and being open to discuss mental health and all it entails.  The goal of this organization is to stop the stigma that surrounds mental health and for students to realize that mental health is a normal part of our daily lives.

The Ending the Silence program is an in-school presentation designed to teach middle and high school students about the signs and symptoms of mental illness, how to recognize the early warning signs, and the importance of acknowledging those warning signs.  Purdue University students who have experience with mental illness present the information and serve as role models, bringing optimism and hope to teens who have early onset mental illnesses.

Students were able to ask several questions when our guest speakers were finished and gave feedback for the NAMI Organization.

By broadening people’s knowledge of mental illness, we replace misunderstanding, fear and judgment with insight, awareness and acceptance.              -NAMI Organization of Mental Health