Tippecanoe School Corporation
Spring Civics Course
Seventh-Grade Team


The seventh grade social studies classes will be part of a pilot course during the spring semester.  Our legislature passed a law last summer that will require every Indiana middle school student to take a civics course beginning in the 2023-24 school year.  School leaders throughout the state will need to determine where this course fits best; however, the seventh grade has been determined to be the most appropriate East Tipp population for this new civics class.  East Tipp is leading the way by beginning the pilot process this year with adjustments made during the 2022-23 school year.  Students will be an integral part of this content development this year and next.

We will be covering the roles of government, citizenship, the Constitution, branches of government, economics, and world issues.  During this time, we will role-play as leaders of monarchies, dictatorships, communist regimes, and democracies.  We will meet and interview leaders of our community.  Students will analyze our US and Indiana constitutions and then write our own versions.  We will learn to organize and carry out a debate and then elect grade-level leaders. 

Students will run a small business by choosing a product, learning about costs of goods, “manufacturing” it, marketing the item, creating and implementing our sales force, learning about gross and net profits, and determining the best use of our income. 

Finally, we will research and present possible solutions to specific world problems.