Tippecanoe School Corporation
The African Country Project
the Seventh-Grade Team

Over the past two weeks, the seventh-grade Social Studies classes worked on an African Country Project, researching different aspects of life within each country. Students looked at the form of government, the various cultures and traditions, the currency used and the exchange rate to the U.S. Dollar, as well as the native animals. This project culminated in a presentation to the class by each group. Several students used pop culture in their presentations; for example, some students used the movie Madagascar to augment their presentation on their country Madagascar.

To wrap up our African Country Project, the students had the opportunity to look back at some of the cultures and traditions of their country, specifically as applied to food. Some students chose to bring in some of their country's food to share with the class.  Most students that brought food in were able to make the dish themselves (with help from their parents, of course). We indulged in foods like South African koeksisters and peppermint tart, Moroccan couscous, baklava, and mint tea, Côte d'Ivoire tapioca, Gabonian fried bananas, and Tanzanian mandazi (doughnut). By the end of the day, Mr. Smith felt ready to fall into a fried-food coma!

The students did an amazing job, with an impressive all-around effort. Thank you to all of the parents and guardians that helped and allowed their students to participate in this fun day!