Tippecanoe School Corporation
Six TSC schools named National Healthy Schools
Sue Scott

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation has awarded the 2020 National Healthy Schools Bronze Award to six TSC schools: East Tipp Middle School, Hershey Elementary School, Klondike Middle School, McCutcheon High School, Wea Ridge Middle School and Wyandotte Elementary School. The organization recognizes schools for making changes that promote healthier eating and physical activity for students and staff.

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation honors schools that meet or exceed stringent standards set by its Healthy Schools Program for serving healthier meals and snacks, getting students moving more, and empowering school leaders to become healthy role models.

At Hershey Elementary School, first grade teacher Lisa Lane says earning the award is a team effort. 

“Our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) was involved because we needed to show how we incorporate parent involvement but also how we, as a community, were providing parents with strategies to help at home with things such as homework help, internet safety, children's mental state, etc.,” says Lane. “Our PTO has hosted meetings bringing in experts on those topics. They also hosted a night for families to come to do some yoga and crossfit training as well as learn how to make some quick healthy meals.”

At Wyandotte Elementary School, Physical Education teacher Danae Rush says they strive to provide an environment that promotes healthy nutrition, physical activity, mental health and overall wellness. The school’s initiatives include creating a walking trail, adopting wellness policies, promoting mindfulness among students and staff and sponsoring a girls fitness group. 

“I'm proud of my school and its willingness to put students and families first,” says Rush. “We are constantly helping to teach students about their whole health. I believe it will help prepare them for their future.” 

All TSC schools participate in INtegrate, a statewide school wellness program that encourages everyone to make healthier choices like drinking more water and getting more exercise.