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Students have a field day focused on safety
Sue Scott

Eighth grade students lined up to experience the Seat Belt Convincer at the first-ever Safety Field Day being held at five TSC middle schools. The device demonstrates the value of wearing a seat belt by letting a passenger experience the actual force generated during a 5-10 mile an hour collision. 

“The students loved the Seat Belt Convincer and said that it was very convincing,” says TSC School Resource Officer Elizabeth Frazier. “They were shocked at how much of a jolt only five miles per hour created. They said it seemed much faster than that.”

“It showed us you need to wear a seat belt because being in a car crash at just five miles an hour can still do damage,” says Battle Ground student Brady Thomas.

At another station, students drove pedal cars while wearing goggles that simulated the effects of being intoxicated. “I really enjoyed driving the karts around the cones with the goggles,” says East Tipp eighth grader Layla Hodgren. “I think it was very difficult and it really proved how dangerous it would actually be to drink and drive.”

Battle Ground student Victoria Mills agreed the drunk driving station was a valuable lesson: “It was the most hands-on activity for me and it kept everyone intrigued.”

At the water safety station, students threw bags which are commonly located at all retention ponds. They learned the importance of knowing how to use them and the proper way to wear a PFD (personal floatation device).

At the fourth station, DNR officers shared information about ATV safety and wearing a helmet. 

East Tipp Student Davis Niccum says the Safety Field Day was very entertaining and informative: “The experience will definitely inform you on how to be safe during summer activities. Also, the seatbelt activity made you realize how bad some 50+ mile an hour crashes could be.” 

“I was able to learn a lot while I was at the safety field day, but one of the things that stuck out most to me was how impactful the Seat Belt Convincer was,” adds Battle Ground eighth grader Lindsay Peters. “As soon as the seat hit the end, it was a sudden jolt. I felt like this gave a very good understanding of what happens when someone gets into a car accident.”

Frazier says the school resource officers organized the event to give students some hands-on experience to teach them how to keep themselves safe: “I hope students develop some new skills and confidence in knowing that they can help in a water-related emergency, how to use the safety equipment at their disposal and why it is important to use them properly. As they head off to high school and approach the age they get their driver's license or ride with their friends, I hope they remember the importance of the seat belt and the lessons of riding with or driving while intoxicated.”

Students prepare to drive a kart through cones with drunk goggles

East Tipp Middle School

Student getting an idea of what rescue workers have to carry
Klondike student prepares to experience the Seat Belt Convincer

Klondike Middle School

DNR officers explains how to be safe with ATVs
Student tries to navigate around the cones with drunk goggles

Battle Ground Middle School