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7th Grade Social Studies Microloan Project
7th Grade Social Studies Microloan Project

Students in Mrs. Mart's Social Studies classes participated in a social-awareness project to serve people in Africa, which was the current unit of study at the time.

Our students had to make important business decisions:

  • What they will produce (brownies and puppy chow)
  • How to make the items (in Mrs. Crum's FACS room)
  • How much to produce
  • Determine the costs of goods/materials
  • How much to charge to make a profit while covering our costs
  • Where to get start-up funds (Mrs. Mart or PTO)
  • Which jobs are best for each student given their talents, abilities, and schedules

Students were responsible for "pitching" their products to certain adults to get permission to pursue their business plans. Others were in charge of marketing our treats. Some were producers/bakers while others cleaned our messes. Our salespeople worked at two East Tipp basketball games, then our bankers counted the money, repaid their start-up loan, and reported the net income.

We spent time researching who should get our proceeds. The students considered the KIVA microloan program, but opted to support Doctors Without Borders who are currently working with ebola and polio patients in Eastern Africa.